Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The fastest way to connect and download from a Topcon GPS receiver is via the USB port. However a step that often confounds users is the loading of the drivers. Before you even connect the GPS receiver, download the driver zip file from www.hayeshelp.com/downloads.

Extract the file to an easy to find spot on your computer. Next connect the receiver to the computer using the USB cable and turn the unit on.

In most cases a Windows notification bubble will pop up indicating a new device was discovered. The Add New Hardware Wizard should pop up. For the first receiver you install, select “Install from a specific device or location” and click next. Check the box for “Include this location in the search:” Then click browse. Find the folder where the files were extracted to and click ok. Then click next. Shortly a Windows message will pop up warning you that the driver is not signed. Click “continue anyway”. Once the drivers finish installing then click finish. For any other receivers you can now click install automatically to install the drivers.

To test your connection, run PC-CDU and see if USB shows in the Com port pull down.

Go forth and prosper.